Photo of the Week: Break Out…

by N*E*R*D as seen on Thato Sehlabela’s profile

My Present Post 5

Colour does Count. As a consumer I’m aware of the Brand landscape that surrounds me, as a Designer I’m more aware of the type of brands that surround me. During the past 3 weeks I’ve noticed the launch and the marketing surrounding the new brand of washing powder Ariel. Everytime I see a billboard, poster, […]

My Present Post 4

During the course of this week, I’ve really come to notice a lot small agencies popping up, a lot of people realizing their potential and in the mist of the mundane 9-5 job routine have been able to spread their wings and taken the leap. In the same breath I’ve seen a lot graphic designers, […]

My Present Post 3

The start of a new month. The beginning of a new month always spells Possibility for me. A fresh start, a clean start to what could be a Power month or a crap month. Nonetheless, I, well We hope that it’s a power month for us. In saying this I realize that every month needs […]

My Present Post 2

I’ve recently been asked to give a talk on Young Entrepreneurs and Creatives within our industry. It’s always strange for me to give talks about ‘myself’. Why I say myself is because I’m essentially the audience that I’ll be speaking to, a Young Entrepreneurial Creative. But I always seem to relish the thought of sharing […]

My Present Post 1

It’s been an interesting couple of years I must say. This is my first blog piece, I’ve been asked numerous times why and how come I don’t blog or have some sort of blog. Well simply put, I’ve never really had anything to write about up until now. I think right now, there’s a lot […]

I Create We Create

This is a view on the creative workshop that was held in Newtown in May 2013:

Photo of the week: Where are these tiny people living?

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ZEV These photo’s are from Zev, who goes by the name ‘Fiddle Oak’ on Flickr, from Natick, USA. He is the lad behind, and in front of the camera. Zev’s been making photo’s for nearly 6 years now, and is only 14 years old.