A mind blowing audio and visual experience

Tiro Kgoshe  Multimedia Designer This video titled “Chemistry Sessions” caught my attention for a few reasons. Firstly, I like the choice of sound for the music video. Secondly, the combination of liquid and text that forms a title is incredible. Add to that the splashing water and droplets of the water that give depth and […]

Designers and dealing with criticism

Kgomotso Mautloa Creative Director I came across this feature titled “Five tips on how designers can deal with criticism” Which I feel is really insightful, and I feel that a lot of designers could learn from what is addressed here. I particularly like this article because it speaks to the tenacity of being a designer, […]

Fear of failure through art

Rose Kakuru Junior Graphic Designer The fear of failure expressed through art In this piece by designer, Debbie Millman,  she communicates her thoughts brilliantly through different fonts and size of fonts.  Debbie is not afraid to use negative space creatively, and her use of color is playful, but sophisticated.  

The importance of user experience design

Lebo Moeketsi Head Web Developer Good design is beautiful – there’s no lie. Being a website developer, I also feel strongly that the user experience is as important as a beautiful looking app, as discussed in this article I recently found Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design

Incredible Illustrators

Lebo Moeketsi Head Web Developer Lookout for these 8 incredible illustrators of the future Whilst I'm a developer, I began with art and illustration, which is why this feature of “8 New Incredible Illustrators of the Future ” appeals to me as it showcases brilliant up and coming illustrators. Noteworthy: 8 New Incredible Illustrators of the […]

The power of art

Lungelo Buthelezi  Junior Graphic Designer   The context of this series of art is very inspiring for me. The fact that this artist traveled to different areas in the world and tagged walls being a tourist, is something pretty cool (Street Art 2013.) Read more /*remember to put an extension for read more */

Quirky and unusual packaging – a winner

Quirky and unusual packaging and advertorial designs are bound to catch your eye. Personally, I love to see fresh approaches to design, which is why this feature caught my eye. There are some witty items in this list, so be sure to check it out WTF? Quirky and Unusual Packaging and Advertorial Designs  

Mundane design that doesn’t quite catch your eye

Kgomotso Mautloa  Creative Director As a designer, I can be quite critical when it comes to things of that nature, so when I came across this article about Castle Draught on Bizcommunity, I was a bit disappointed at the mundane design. Interestingly enough, we, Green Robot Design, were brought in to pitch for the marketing […]

Visual imagery and fine detail

Not a lot of people use pencils to draw to this extent with such intense detail and colour – which is why these drawings by Dino Tomic blew me away. http://llgd.net/content/drawings-by-dino-tomic/ Anyone who is a fan of visual imagery and fine detail will appreciate this.

Super-A art piece

Lungelo Buthelezi  Junior Graphic Designer This week, an art piece in the form of a mural by Super-A is something that caught my eye. http://www.zeutch.com/graphik/new-mural-by-super-a-70931   The art piece, while seeming cool, subliminally hints to the fact that we are always being watched. The choice of where it is positioned is cliche to where cctv […]