Creativity is irrelevant to business – or is it?

Kgomotso Mautloa – Creative Director Creatives need to be better thinkers and better problem solvers, and this is a point that is strongly emphasised in a Bizcommunity article titled “Challenging the concept, ‘Creativity is irrelevant to business’” The job of the creative needs not only apply to just creative output, but also to create solutions […]

Less is more – couldn’t be more true

Rose Kakuru Often, the saying of “less is more” is so true, and minimalism can often be so incredibly effective and powerful, as seen in this article titled “An Examination of Minimalist Design” Minimalism is great because it is very clean and clear, uses negative space beautifully, and is extremely well thought through, as expressed […]

Creating miniature magic from the mundane

Lungelo Buthelezi  Junior Graphic Designer I recently came across a Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya, who creates miniature worlds using mundane objects – which is really fascinating. From these miniature worlds I imagine a motion picture/ animation being created. I find this very cool because it reminds me of the movie Toy Story (John Lasseter; 1995) […]

More freebies for web designers

Lebo Moeketsi  Head Web Developer As a ‘website guy’, I always welcome new free resources. This set of 40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers will be useful for my fellow designers out there.

Thought provoking imagery and art

Lebo Moeketsi – Head Web Developer Before I got into web development, I used to be a fine artist, which is why this series titled “25 Thought Provoking Images” by Polish Artist, Pawel Kuczynski, caught my eye I love looking at beautiful items by other artists, and found this collection really thought provoking.

Customising a groundbreaking modular smart phone

Mduduzi Mpala  Junior Graphic Designer My blog post today looks at cool tech creative innovation. The Motorola Project Ara & Phonebloks Prototype – Hands On will be ground breaking modular smart phone in terms of technology, which will enable people to customise phones however they want. If you want a bigger camera, just slot it in. It’s […]

Celebrating talented and inspiring African designs and designers

Kgomotso Mautloa  Creative Director  As a designer, anything design-related is bound to catch my eye. The 100% Design South Africa launched in August 2014 and is something that represents something that is purely and uniquely African This is fantastic because it is a high-end curated showcase of the most inspirational African designs and designers.   […]

The art and power of personal branding

Rose Kakuru Personal branding is an important aspect in any design and communication-led field. Your brand is your identity, and it needs to be thoroughly thought out. This article titled “The art of personal branding” is a great read as it is very inspiring and helpful, especially for freelance designers and young companies.  

Melting artwork for inspiration

Tiro Kgoshe  Multimedia Designer My inspiration for this week is a series of images titled “THAW – Series One.” What the designer has created here is fascinating. I like the concept of melting – it reminds me of surrealism times and versions produced to enhance types of personalities within an artwork.

A new Apple toy for web developers

Lebo Moeketsi  Head Web Developer By now you might realise that I’m a big fan of Apple. The latest Apple product to catch my eye is the Apple iMac with 5120×2880 resolution display. As a website developer, I need to know what new hardware gets released because I might have to develop to accommodate it. […]