Small business owners enjoy the sacrifices

A recent study found that small business owners are happy to embrace the aspects of running a business that aren’t so glamorous – mostly because of their passion. This could mean never having a vacation  or not having time to focus on themselves. The study also identified aspects of business ownership that are loved by […]

Quote of the Day

Some food for thought… “People ignore design that ignores people.”– Frank Chimero  

Bad Digital Habits

Maybe you take forever to reply to your emails. Or maybe you spend more time Instagramming your day at work than actually working… Living in the digital age has its advantages but it’s also created a couple of nasty digital habits which can be difficult to break. Chances are you’re guilty of more than one. […]

Logo Design – 10 designs to inspire you

Here’s an awesome post from Designer Daily about logo design which is sure to leave you feeling some-kinda-way. We hope it leaves you inspired and wanting to change the world – one logo at a time of course… A logo is often one of the most defining aspects of your company. It’s the one image […]

Renowned designer Kevin Lyons on the current streetwear scene

When Complex Magazine calls you a “fucking legend” then you know you’re killing it. One of the most influential figures in the streetwear scene, Kevin Lyons recently had a chat with FreshnessMag. The Renowned designer talks all things design, from the current streetwear scene to “biting” and the younger generation’s use of the internet to […]

Why you need a blog for your company and who should be writing for it

Having a blog for your company is great extension of your brand. Letting your employees write it is an important step towards creating a unified brand personality. Let’s face it – who knows the company best? The people who live by your brand ethos on a daily basis! In this insightful piece by the GRD […]

3 Challenges Small Business Owners Face

As a small business owner you may be facing a number of challenges which may often seem to be crippling. We thought this article from Small Business Trends would be helpful because it gives some insight into three common challenges in the business world and suggests ways to overcome them. It’s important to remember that […]

Sign Your Brand Away

Finding ways for your brand to stand out doesn’t always have to involve costly campaigns or activations. In this article published in Entrepreneur Mag, GRD Creative Director Kgomotso share some awesome tools for engaging effectively over email and highlights how the design of your email signature influences perceptions about your brand. Check it out here […]

“Sibahle”- A celebration of Africanism

“Sibahle is a celebration of Africanism, it’s a lifestyle brand with the African woman at the helm of its vision.”   Founded by Studio R owner and graphic designer, Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, “Sibahle” is a lifestyle brand based on celebrating being African. “Sibahle” means “we are beautiful” and encompasses a range of activities aligned with […]

My Africa Is- Redefining and Redesigning Africa

In the spirit of celebrating all things African this month, we came across a really cool series called “My Africa Is” “My Africa Is” is a documentary series created with the goal of redefining African experience, through the eyes of Africans. “My Africa Is wants to show you something different. We’re not about hiding real issues […]