15 of the Most Controversial Movie Posters

Movie posters are powerful tools used for marketing films. The design of these posters is a precarious attribute. The poster has to meet commercial needs, while also staying true to the message and spirit of the film. Somehow designers have to toe the line carefully when it comes to making the poster aesthetically pleasing to […]

Photo of the Week: Agent Biko

Our Photo of the Week is “Agent Biko” by Mduduzi Mpala. As a Graphic/UX/UI designer, he earned his stripes with his diploma for Graphic design at NEMISA and has been glued to a computer screen for as long as he can remember. He is currently using the skills he has developed in web-design and user-interface […]

Catch GRD Creative Director Kgomotso Mautloa on SAfm

Kgomotso G. Mautloa  is the owner and creative director at creative design and digital agency, Green Robot Design, which opened its doors in late 2007. Kgomotso is an accomplished designer, creative director and brand consultant, and has worked in various divisions of the design and branding industry. His experience has taught him invaluable skills that he now puts […]

Breaking Bad- inspired Coffee Shop opens in Istanbul

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, you might want to pack your bags and head to Istanbul. Is Walter White back? Well, not really…but sort of… A coffee shop in Istanbul has cleverly themed their whole shop around the iconic TV series Breaking Bad. Owner Deniz Kosan opened the shop in March with the help […]

How Michael Jordan makes and spends his billions

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the world’s most revered sports stars. Known for his sporting prowess and equally for his top dollar, Jordan’s still raking it in even after retiring nearly 20 years ago. Everybody wants to be like Mike right? Check out this video from Business Insider to find out just how he […]

What makes a great Creative team? Meet the GRD Team

What makes a great Creative team? Different people will have different responses to this question, naturally. But there are key ingredients that evoke potential for success. At GRD, the ethos “Think. Plan. Create.”is  the driving force behind this dynamic team’s vision. A fusion of Talent, Passion, Trust, Respect, Power, Growth and Leadership continues to help the […]

CareerID Do what you love Feature: Kgomotso Mautloa

CareerID features professionals from different industries and uncover unique stories about their careers and how they came to love the work they do. Through engaging with professionals, CareerID promotes their stories on social media platforms while motivating fans to understand the importance of establishing a clear Career Identity. Featured so far, are the likes of […]

12 Ways to Expand your Market and Brand Awareness creatively

As a small business owner one of your main objectives should include ensuring that your business is at the forefront of your audience/ customers’ minds. There are numerous ways you can market your business. Here are a few creative ideas from SmallbizTrends on how to expand your market and brand awareness: Push Your Handles Use […]

#GRDMusicFriday: Disco Fever

Check out this week’s GRDMusicFriday mix to cope with the chills, Disco Fever. Packed with some disco/dance &deep house jams. Enjoy

Photo of the week: On Edge

Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city that can aptly be described as a melting pot of cultures. It’s no wonder then that city living has most people “On Edge” most of the time. Here’s photographer Austin Malema’s cutting-edge view on this notion:   This view of the inner city is priceless. The buildings in the inner […]