We found an interesting post from Strategic Marketing Magazine on Facebook about concerns over excessive product placement in the new Bond film promotional materials:

As the latest James Bond film, ‘Spectre’, enjoys its world premiere in London, some commentators are raising concerns about the large number of product placements and whether it detracts from what is the 24th official James Bond movie.

The ‘’ website lists 12 brand partners, and companies with an involvement in the film vary from Range Rover, Aston Martin and Jaguar through to Heineken beer, Belvedere vodka, Bollinger champagne, Macallan whisky, Sony mobile phones, Omega watches and fashion brands Burberry, Tom Ford and Missoni.

However, according to the industry publication ‘Ad Age’, only Heineken has an ad that features James Bond himself – or, more correctly, actor Daniel Craig. This is an action spectacular in true Bond style and features an ocean-going chase scene involving high-speed boats, villains, a gorgeous woman and, of course, Heineken beer. The ad is being aired in 30-, 60- and 90-second versions.

“Product placement is integral to the Bond formula; all those less-than-subtle corporate logos pop up as regularly as dinner suits, megalomaniac villains, and women with double entendres instead of names. But there are times when a Bond movie stops being a Bond movie and starts being an advert,” notes the BBC in an article on its website.

But there are others with different views on Bond product placements. The BBC article quotes Michael Rosser, an editor at ‘Screen’ magazine, as saying: “Money in film is not what it was. The home entertainment market is in decline, so there has to be other ways to make money from movies – and product placement is really a big part of that. In an ideal world, sure, you wouldn’t have it. But, realistically, if you want a Bond movie that’s as spectacular as we’ve come to expect, then it can’t be made on goodwill.”

‘Spectre’ debuts in the important US market on 6 November and will be seen on South African screens from 27 November.



What are your thoughts? Do you think too much product placement detracts from the film?

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