I Give Unexpected Meanings To Simple Objects By Adding Doodles

My name is Kristián Mensa and I am an 18-year-old artist from Prague, Czech Republic.

My artistic style is focused on incorporating simple and everyday objects into my illustrations. Therefore, these objects are given a totally new and unexpected meaning. I believe inspiration is all around us wherever we are and whatever we do.

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More info: mrkriss.com | Instagram

Piano train

DOODLE1 i-give-unexpected-meaning-to-simple-objects-by-adding-doodles-part-5__880

Some “celebrities” deserve this kind of red carpet

DOODLE 2 i-give-unexpected-meaning-to-simple-objects-by-adding-doodles-part-5-2__880

Playful sky

DOODLE 3 i-give-unexpected-meaning-to-simple-objects-by-adding-doodles-part-5-3__880


How goals are made

DOODLE 4 i-give-unexpected-meaning-to-simple-objects-by-adding-doodles-part-5-10__880