Watch: Adele, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots Perform “Hello” With Classroom Instruments

Via Complex:

You might have seen Adele sing “Hello” on Saturday Night Live with backing instruments (and without), but you have never seen her sing it like this. Therecord-breaking 25 singer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing “Water Under the Bridge” and play a game of Box of Lies with host Jimmy Fallon. Of course, Fallon couldn’t let Adele leave without participating in his classic skit where guests perform their songs with classroom instruments. Jimmy, Adele, and The Tonight Show’s talented in-house band the Roots picked up kazoos, a bongo, a xylophone, and even a plastic cell phone to perform Adele’sNo. 1 single “Hello.” Even with plastic instruments, “Hello” is still flawless.

Watch the performance below.


Billboard weighed in on the performance:

The British pop singer and her hosts tackled the global hit with an array of percussion instruments, a ukulele and even a flip phone (hello!).

The “classroom instruments” segment aired Tuesday night on The Tonight Show, a full 24-hours after Adele shone with a performance of “Water Under the Bridge” and stuck around to play “Box of Lies”.

“Hello” and “Water Under the Bridge” are lifted from Adele’s smash third album release 25, which is cruising toward three million first-week sales in the U.S., where its now holds the single-week record. It’s also on track for the best-ever opening sales week for any album in the U.K.