#ThrowbackThursdays: Creative Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns


      This week’s #ThrowBackThursdays feature is a series of powerful adverts used for Breast Awareness month campaigns from different countries all over the world.   Find out more about Breast Cancer and how to get help by visiting: http://www.cansa.org.za/   Do you have your own Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign you’d like to share? […]

Street art transforming cities in India

Street art

Street art is an art form growing in popularity worldwide. The likes of UK artist Banksy have completely transformed the definition of street art by essentially blurring the lines between fine art and street art, managing to sell works for millions in the process. But what are street artists from developing countries doing? India has […]

Classic Album Art

Album Art

This is the first of a series of #ClassicAlbumArt we’ll be featuring this month on #GRDMusicFridays.   Share your thoughts with us via Twitter @GREENROBOTSA , Instagram GREENROBOTSA or Facebook Green Robot design

What if Idris did play Bond? Watch this fake trailer to find out


      So the whole Idris vs Bond drama has played itself out via social media. But it just wasn’t enough. There’s a video out showing us what it would be like if Idris did play the Bond role. Let us know what you think via Twitter @GREENROBOTSA and Facebook Green Robot design!   […]

Social Media Exhibit honouring Pac


“In honor of the 19th anniversary of Tupac’s death on September 13, his estate ran a contest that called for artists to submit original work of the late rapper. To commemorate his legacy, the family picked 20 pieces and shared them as a gallery on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The powerful featured works included […]

10 Best Sneakerhead Instagram Pics of the Week


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Breastfeeding Goddesses Photo Series

Breastfeeding Goddesses

Breastfeeding Goddesses is a photo series by photographer Ivette Ivens which puts the spotlight on a controversial issue that often rubs people up the wrong way. Mothers who breastfeed in public are still shamed in some countries, unfortunately. Kicking off womens’ month, this post from Fast Company is a great reminder of how creative women […]

Less is more – couldn’t be more true

Rose Kakuru Often, the saying of “less is more” is so true, and minimalism can often be so incredibly effective and powerful, as seen in this article titled “An Examination of Minimalist Design” Minimalism is great because it is very clean and clear, uses negative space beautifully, and is extremely well thought through, as expressed […]

Double exposure, silhouettes and cityscapes

Lungelo Buthelezi – Junior Graphic Designer L’artiste Turque Erkin Demir’s set of double exposure portraits is pretty cool. I am fascinated by the silhouettes and how they are filled up by cityscape’s and landscapes. These pieces exaggerate the human features in such a manner that suggest various metaphors, and the tone that the photographs reciprocate is so […]

Celebs you probably didn’t know were into art

Kgomotso Mautloa – Creative Director This is a pretty cool article that showcases a bunch of celebrities who you probably didn’t know were into art. It’s really interesting to see how many celebrities like art, and the different reasons why these celebrities collect art. It’s also fascinating to see the vast and different art collections […]