Lets make this winter green. #GreenWinter


It is with the greatest excitement that Green Robot Design announces it’s Mandela Day initiative #GreenWinter. Green Robot Design will be donating all donations collected to Usindiso Ministries.Usindiso Ministries is a temporary shelter for abused women and their children. They have a Nursery School, a Baby Day Care as well as providing Student Accommodation. Any […]

Stepping stones of Success


I have been having quite a few conversations lately, really stimulating stuff. Sharing in peoples experiences and learning from how they live is really one of the ways you, as an individual can learn. These I’ve been having at work, socially and just generally with randoms (random and unexpected bits of gold). As by now […]

The Age of the Millennial in Africa: Do you have a job or a career?

The Age of the Millennial in Africa

Vusi Thembekwayo once said: “Start small, start badly – just start!” To add on to that sentiment:  This world is all about strengths and weaknesses. It is filled with multiple opportunities as well as threats. In order to function in its ecosystem; you would need to do your research before you set out your SMART […]

Meet our Guest writers


Here at CRE8 we have an awesome group of peeps who are superstars in their own right. Every week we’ll be sharing some great pieces from our guest writers. Every week they’ll be delivering funny, insightful, powerful, thought-provoking articles which we hope will inspire you. Here’s a little more about our Guest Writers: Sandile Numa: […]

An inside look at the world of advertising

Sandile Advertising

I just hit a month at the new job, it’s major for me, and it’s my first permanent position. Congrats to me. I have seen a lot, experienced a lot, met many people I admired and put an experience to the world of advertising that I had created in my mind. It’s crazy that less […]

Entrepreneur Lessons From “Pakistani” Traders in The Township -Part 2

Entrepreneur Lessons

“Pakistani” Spaza shop foreign traders are both the bane and liberators of the township. Amidst xenophobic attacks and racial violence they dominate township retailing. Entrepreneurs have plenty to learn than fear from these migrant entrepreneurs. In Part 1 of this topic I elucidated how entrepreneurs need to venture into the unknown, collaborate resources and effectively […]

The Future Creative

Youth and Design

David Tlale, Jonathan Ive, Ravi Naidoo, Nkhensani Nkosi to name but a few all have one thing in common and it is not that they are all incredibly gifted creatives, but that they each managed to create something that will live far beyond themselves and have in their own way changed how we see the […]

The Age of the Millennial in Africa (Part 2): You need The Chopsticks Approach

The Age of the Millennial in Africa

Inspired by The Chopsticks Diet by Kimiko Barber, I figured I should take you to Japan for a moment as Part One is centered on Africa Rising. “The essence of The Chopsticks Diet lies in the Japanese way of food – what they eat and how they eat – exemplified in chopsticks.” In search of […]

Entrepreneur Lessons From Township “Pakistani” Traders – Part 1

Entrepreneurship Lessons

In the township “Pakistani” is a half derogatory term that refers to anyone with brown skin, curly hair, is a foreigner and operates a spaza shop open from 5AM to 10PM everyday… usually with extremely low prices. An erroneous collective term for a race of people despised today, loved the next, and murdered the following. […]

The Age of the Millennial in Africa- Part 1

The Age of the Millennial in Africa

So, I ate some tasty brain food. The type of chow that got my fingers sprinting all over the keyboard – from letter to enter, punctuation to number, spacebar to cmd and I can’t esc it: An insightful ‘starter’ by Yellowwood that left me salivating at the prospect of growing as a young creative in […]