21 Icons features Phindile Sithole-Spong – speaker, writer and HIV Activist


21 ICONS SEASON THREE (A FUTURE OF A NATION) FEATURES PHINDILE SITHOLE-SPONG Source: SACreativeNetwork On 15 November 2015 on SABC 3 at 19h27, the acclaimed short-film series 21 ICONS will feature the 11th icon of its third season: 26-year-old HIV Activist and founder of Rebranding HIV, Phindile Sithole-Spong. An accomplished speaker and writer, she has […]

What you need to know about Youth Marketing


A youth lost in translation Source: Bizcommunity By: David Blyth   The youth of South Africa command billions of rands in spending power, directly and through their influence over household consumer decisions. Today’s young adults have more disposable income than the generations that have come before them. While marketers want to draw in the under-23s, […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week South Africa


According to this article on Bizcommunity: The opening ceremony for the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 in South Africa will take place on Monday, 16 November, at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Illovo Sandton with over 350 delegates expected to attend. During the GEW, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to consult with various business […]

Watch: Trevor Noah talks to Ellen about growing up during apartheid


The Most Important Music News of the day


FACEBOOK DEBUTS NEW “MUSIC STORIES” FEATURE   Here’s what you need to know: Over the summer, it was reported that Facebook might be launching its own music streaming service. While that hasn’t happened yet, Facebook did just announce a new music feature. Today, the social media giant revealed its new ‘Music Stories’ feature. The discovery […]

Facebook going to give video makers a cut

Social networking site Facebook is going to start giving video makers a cut of profits made from video content shared on the site.   This, according to a report on Wired.com: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that his company’s platform is notching 8 billion video views daily, doubling the number it reported in April. […]

Have you heard about Nutscaping?


Men are taking photos of their balls in front of beautiful landscapes In case you haven’t heard yet, Nutscaping is a new trend that’s becoming more popular. According to Metro.co.uk, this is what you have to know about Nutscaping: Nutscaping is a photo-taking trend which involves dropping your trousers, whipping out some testicles (yours, if you […]

Brands Leading the Way in Africa!


Brands Africa hosted their 4th annual Brands Africa 100: Africans Best Brands Awards on the 22nd of October to celebrate and recognize Africa’s most valued, admired and influential brands that are shaping Africa. Branding effectively has become a major focus for any organization despite their industry. A Brand is essentially the perception that consumers have […]

African Futures Festival coming to Joburg this October


“If you want to have any idea of the world that is coming, the world ahead of us, look at Africa!”, says Afropolitan author and critic Achille Mbembe. From Lagos to Nairobi to Johannesburg, the continent is giving answers to global questions of the future. More than 50 international guests have been invited to African […]

Why these are 8 of the Most Innovative cities in the world


LA Goes LED—and Gets Connected Los Angeles is retrofitting 4,500 miles of orange-yellow sodium-vapor streetlights with a moonlight-hued matrix of light-emitting diodes. Roads will look brighter, but they’ll also be more connected. Every energy-efficient lamp will link wirelessly to the Bureau of Street Lighting, letting headquarters know if it is on, off, broken, etc. And […]