What Makes Flying Suck, and How Designers Would Fix It

Wired recently caught up with a few designers annd asked them how they would come up with designs to make the flying experience better. Here’s what they came up with: http://www.wired.com/2015/11/heres-what-makes-flying-suck-and-how-designers-would-fix-it/ Joe Gebbia, Airbnb co-founder Gebbia—Airbnb co-founder, designer, and frequent flyer—says he’d create private spaces designated for zenning out mid-flight: “I’d upgrade the airplane interior to include […]

Green Robot Design handles Maftown Heights’ marketing design

Green Robot Design handles Maftown Heights’ marketing design   Creative design and digital agency, Green Robot Design, has been appointed to handle all marketing collateral creation for Maftown Heights. Maftown Heights is known as one of SA’s key hip hop calendar events and one of the premier hip hop festivals on the continent. “We thoroughly […]

5 Powerful And Creative Print Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice

We found this awesome article on Bored Panda: Most ads out there are annoying, but given the amount of professionals working in the marketing and advertising industries, they’re bound to come up with something cool and creative sooner or later. We’ve searched the web and collected some of the most creative print ads we could […]


Source: Design Milk By: Cori Magee No matter where you turn, the local art gallery, your doctor’s office or your favorite magazine, type and lettering will somehow make an impact on your life each day. The design of letters, and the way they are put together, is a very special area of design. It can be in your […]

Top 10 Comments of the Week: adidas, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd & More

Check out this week’s finest below via HighSnobiety: #10 commented on: New Dating App Tells You Who’s in Your League J Dollas: Finally an app that confirms if I’m a ugly ass nigga or not. Thank you God. #09 commented on: Get YEEZY Season 1 for Less With These Affordable Alternatives salmanorguk: Itd be cheaper […]

#ThrowbackThursdays: Our favourite Movember Campaigns

    THE MOVEMBER SONG “We wanted to show our support for the Movember cause, which we have supported privately for quite a few years now,” said Derick Watts member, Gareth Allison. “Not everyone seems to realise that there is a real meaning behind this month of magnificent “snors”, and we just wanted to help […]

Tiny House Meets Small Business with This Home Office Twist

One of the hottest new trends in real estate is making an impact on the business world. Entrepreneurs around the country are turning to tiny houses, or small shed-like structures to house their offices or business headquarters. Below are some of the companies currently offering these types of structures to homeowners and entrepreneurs, along with […]


Via SACreativeNetwork: ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A LOGO: DESIGN TIPS TO ENSURE YOUR BRAND LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER If you’re under the impression that branding and advertising is a modern concept, you’re wrong. The art of branding dates back to primitive cattle owners, who (literally) branded their livestock with a unique mark as […]

Thato Mwosa Draws Black Ballerinas to Inspire Young Black Girls

Source: Afripop Interview By: BY NADIA DARWESH Thato Mwosa Draws Black Ballerinas to Inspire Young Black Girls   Odds are when you think of ballet you imagine limber-limbed porcelain figures spinning atop beautifully lit stages in front of an audience that sits in riveted silence. Well, either that or Save the Last Dance, the 2001 MTV […]

What makes an exceptional designer?

IN TODAY’S FIERCELY COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIMATE, BEING A GOOD DESIGNER ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. HERE’S HOW TO BE GREAT. According to FastCompany,these are the 3 Key Traits Of An Exceptional Designer: 1. Empathetic with a twist of business-savvy Traditionally, designers advocate for user experience, and product managers lobby for business requirements. Exceptional designers take an […]

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