I Give Unexpected Meanings To Simple Objects By Adding Doodles

My name is Kristián Mensa and I am an 18-year-old artist from Prague, Czech Republic. My artistic style is focused on incorporating simple and everyday objects into my illustrations. Therefore, these objects are given a totally new and unexpected meaning. I believe inspiration is all around us wherever we are and whatever we do. You […]

Tiny House Meets Small Business with This Home Office Twist

One of the hottest new trends in real estate is making an impact on the business world. Entrepreneurs around the country are turning to tiny houses, or small shed-like structures to house their offices or business headquarters. Below are some of the companies currently offering these types of structures to homeowners and entrepreneurs, along with […]

Productivity habits of the most successful people

7 LONG-TERM PRODUCTIVITY HABITS OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE   Via Fast Company: One thing uniting the most high-power leaders with the lowest-level workers is time: Day in and day out, we all have the same amount of it. Where the variation comes in is how we use it. Some of the most successful people […]

Kicking Doors: Green Robot Design takes creative design to new heights

Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope breaks down boundaries, resets the rules, makes a difference, develops young people. It focuses on the billionaire generation, inspiring positive change. The show connects Africa to modern entrepreneurship. Episode 14 features Green Robot Design. Check out the full episode via CNBC Africa here: Green Robot Design is a new-age, youth-driven […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week South Africa

According to this article on Bizcommunity: The opening ceremony for the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 in South Africa will take place on Monday, 16 November, at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Illovo Sandton with over 350 delegates expected to attend. During the GEW, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to consult with various business […]


Here are a few ideas for how you can establish, grow and maintain a healthy business network that works for you:  (via SACreativeNetwork) It is very often said in the business world that success in life is as much about who you know as what you know. Whether or not this is entirely true, it […]

Twitter CEO gives part of company to employees

As a business owner, it’s no secret that the most important resource you can have is that of human resources. There are various ways you could try to improve productivity and get your staff more committed to the company’s success. But nothing is quite as convincing as giving your staff part ownership of the company […]

Stepping stones of Success

I have been having quite a few conversations lately, really stimulating stuff. Sharing in peoples experiences and learning from how they live is really one of the ways you, as an individual can learn. These I’ve been having at work, socially and just generally with randoms (random and unexpected bits of gold). As by now […]

Interviews: Xolisa Dyeshana – Working Toward an Ad Industry Reflective of our Nation

Between 10 and 5 have a series of interviews with some of South Africa’s foremost artist/creatives who are taking their respective industries by storm.   Have a look at one of the featured interviews with Xolisa Dyeshana a leader in the local ad industry here: http://10and5.com/2015/07/16/xolisa-dyeshana-working-toward-an-ad-industry-reflective-of-our-nation/   Xolisa Dyeshana is the Executive Creative Director at Joe […]

African Futures Festival coming to Joburg this October

“If you want to have any idea of the world that is coming, the world ahead of us, look at Africa!”, says Afropolitan author and critic Achille Mbembe. From Lagos to Nairobi to Johannesburg, the continent is giving answers to global questions of the future. More than 50 international guests have been invited to African […]

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