Watch: Trailer for SA Oscar Hopeful “Thina Sobabili”

Thina Sobabili (the two of us) is a film set in the Johannesburg township of Alexandra. The story is that of Thulani and Zanele; two siblings who harshly come to find they have only each other to lean on. The story unfolds with a slow sense of dread and that feeling is compounded by the […]

‘Bad Boys’ Sequels without Will Smith?

The rumours have been swirling for years now – a prequel to Bad Boys is on the way. Then it’s not… Then it is. …Then it’s not… Now it is again…. Bad news for fans of the film franchise though: Will Smith might not star in the upcoming movies. According to this article by Complex, […]

15 of the Most Controversial Movie Posters

Movie posters are powerful tools used for marketing films. The design of these posters is a precarious attribute. The poster has to meet commercial needs, while also staying true to the message and spirit of the film. Somehow designers have to toe the line carefully when it comes to making the poster aesthetically pleasing to […]

Romz Deluxe talks “Design Africa Film” and creativity

We caught up with Senior Graphic Designer, Art Director, Photographer and Videographer and Founder of Respek Studio – Romz Deluxe. He tells us about some of his experiences as a designer and an exciting documentary he’s working on called “Design Africa Film.” CRE8: How did you get into design? Was there a defining point in your […]

A Tutorial: Getting your Framing and Composition right

Filmmaking can be quite complex at times. Fortunately, there are tutorials available to help with every aspect. In this Vimeo tutorial, you can learn about getting your framing and composition right: According to the tutorial, “Generally, the rule of thirds is a method of composing your shots. Imagine that your frame has lines running though it, two […]

The Best TV Shows of 2015 – Do you Agree?

We came across this really cool post from Complex that gives a run down of the Best TV Shows of 2015 So Far. We think there are some pretty cool names on the list. Maybe GRD should compile a South African version soon… Here’s what Complex says: “The shows that ushered in the Golden Age […]

My Africa Is- Redefining and Redesigning Africa

In the spirit of celebrating all things African this month, we came across a really cool series called “My Africa Is” “My Africa Is” is a documentary series created with the goal of redefining African experience, through the eyes of Africans. “My Africa Is wants to show you something different. We’re not about hiding real issues […]

Photo of the week: Pimp my ride

By Diaan Diaan