Green Robot Design handles Maftown Heights’ marketing design

Green Robot Design handles Maftown Heights’ marketing design   Creative design and digital agency, Green Robot Design, has been appointed to handle all marketing collateral creation for Maftown Heights. Maftown Heights is known as one of SA’s key hip hop calendar events and one of the premier hip hop festivals on the continent. “We thoroughly […]

Is Your Small Business as Social Media Savvy as You Think?

By Adam Root via SmallBizTrends: Is Your Small Business as Social Media Savvy as You Think? Social networking is the top online activity for the average American, with U.S. users spending an average of 37 minutes a day engaging with others online. In the last year alone, the number of social media users has increased by […]


Via SACreativeNetwork: ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A LOGO: DESIGN TIPS TO ENSURE YOUR BRAND LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER If you’re under the impression that branding and advertising is a modern concept, you’re wrong. The art of branding dates back to primitive cattle owners, who (literally) branded their livestock with a unique mark as […]

What makes an exceptional designer?

IN TODAY’S FIERCELY COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIMATE, BEING A GOOD DESIGNER ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. HERE’S HOW TO BE GREAT. According to FastCompany,these are the 3 Key Traits Of An Exceptional Designer: 1. Empathetic with a twist of business-savvy Traditionally, designers advocate for user experience, and product managers lobby for business requirements. Exceptional designers take an […]

Productivity habits of the most successful people

7 LONG-TERM PRODUCTIVITY HABITS OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE   Via Fast Company: One thing uniting the most high-power leaders with the lowest-level workers is time: Day in and day out, we all have the same amount of it. Where the variation comes in is how we use it. Some of the most successful people […]

Kicking Doors: Green Robot Design takes creative design to new heights

Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope breaks down boundaries, resets the rules, makes a difference, develops young people. It focuses on the billionaire generation, inspiring positive change. The show connects Africa to modern entrepreneurship. Episode 14 features Green Robot Design. Check out the full episode via CNBC Africa here: Green Robot Design is a new-age, youth-driven […]

Getting the work balance right: How to juggle your business life and personal life

Earlier on this year I was admitted into hospital due to stress and anxiety; and after coming out of hospital I had to reevaluate what I was doing and what I wanted for my life going forth. Being hospitalised wasn’t on that list. I started thinking about the many reasons why I ended up in […]

Six Reasons: Why it’s important to innovate your business

Innovation matters more today than ever. Here’s an article by Bizcommunity that focuses on a few of the ‘why’s’:   1. Because it’s fun Innovation is fun. It’s the very stuff of life – making brand-new things that didn’t exist before, pioneering exciting ideas and guiding them to fruition. Getting it right makes you feel […]

How Digital Marketing can help your SME

Do you think Digitally for your small business? You should – Ethel Nyembe of Standard Bank gives her advice here. Digital-marketing For most entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses, the realm of the internet, social media and digital marketing is a world that is the sole preserve of big businesses with deep pockets. Nothing could […]

Handy Apps you can use for your business

Running a business in the Digital age more often than not means that business owners constantly have to keep up with the latest trends. Instead of just keeping up with trends, why not get apps that will help you run your business more efficiently? Here’s a great post from Bizcommunity about handy apps you can […]

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