Kicking Doors: Green Robot Design takes creative design to new heights

Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope breaks down boundaries, resets the rules, makes a difference, develops young people. It focuses on the billionaire generation, inspiring positive change. The show connects Africa to modern entrepreneurship. Episode 14 features Green Robot Design. Check out the full episode via CNBC Africa here: Green Robot Design is a new-age, youth-driven […]

Getting the work balance right: How to juggle your business life and personal life

Earlier on this year I was admitted into hospital due to stress and anxiety; and after coming out of hospital I had to reevaluate what I was doing and what I wanted for my life going forth. Being hospitalised wasn’t on that list. I started thinking about the many reasons why I ended up in […]

5 Reasons why African start-ups fail

According to a recent article from This is Africa, there is a growing trend in Africa of failing start-ups.  While this is a common trend in any economy, African SMEs face a number of unique challenges.  At the recent Innovation Hub event, “Fuck Up Nights,” some entrepreneurs shared some challenges they experienced and mistakes they […]

GRD’s Kgomotso Mautloa to anchor YBSA “The Panel”

Later tonight GRD‘s Creative Director Kgomotso Mautloa will be anchoring YBSA event “The Panel.” “The Panel” is an evening of information and discussion by some of South Africa’s young leaders on how to stay in the game and differentiate yourself in an open market where choice has become a standard feature. Catch Kgomotso at the […]

Levi’s Pioneer Nation Campus Tour

Pioneer Nation was born from the reality facing young Africans today: a world without enough jobs, no matter your skill level or education. Inspired by Levi Strauss’ story of a humble entrepreneurial beginning that saw an opportunity others overlooked. It was his business acumen and perseverance that gave birth to the global denim empire of Levi’s®. Modern pioneers Live in […]

Behind the Scenes: Making Moves shoot

GRD Creative Director Kgomotso Mautloa recently had a sit-down with the folks from the TV show Making Moves – an award winning magazine show that celebrates and promotes young successful South African entrepreneurs. The show airs on SABC1, Mondays at 13h30. Keep up with Kgomotso @greenrbtdesign and Making Moves via Twitter @MakingMovesSABC for more details […]

Catch GRD Creative Director Kgomotso Mautloa on SAfm

Kgomotso G. Mautloa  is the owner and creative director at creative design and digital agency, Green Robot Design, which opened its doors in late 2007. Kgomotso is an accomplished designer, creative director and brand consultant, and has worked in various divisions of the design and branding industry. His experience has taught him invaluable skills that he now puts […]

What makes a great Creative team? Meet the GRD Team

What makes a great Creative team? Different people will have different responses to this question, naturally. But there are key ingredients that evoke potential for success. At GRD, the ethos “Think. Plan. Create.”is  the driving force behind this dynamic team’s vision. A fusion of Talent, Passion, Trust, Respect, Power, Growth and Leadership continues to help the […]

CareerID Do what you love Feature: Kgomotso Mautloa

CareerID features professionals from different industries and uncover unique stories about their careers and how they came to love the work they do. Through engaging with professionals, CareerID promotes their stories on social media platforms while motivating fans to understand the importance of establishing a clear Career Identity. Featured so far, are the likes of […]

How to overcome entrepreneurial anxiety

The journey of an entrepreneur is a long and challenging one, but one with many rewards if you are driven by ambition and passion. However, as confident and determined as you are, entrepreneurial anxiety tends to creep up from time to time. This doesn’t mean you should succumb to it and give up: You just […]

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