Have you heard about Nutscaping?

Men are taking photos of their balls in front of beautiful landscapes In case you haven’t heard yet, Nutscaping is a new trend that’s becoming more popular. According to Metro.co.uk, this is what you have to know about Nutscaping: Nutscaping is a photo-taking trend which involves dropping your trousers, whipping out some testicles (yours, if you […]

Getting the work balance right: How to juggle your business life and personal life

Earlier on this year I was admitted into hospital due to stress and anxiety; and after coming out of hospital I had to reevaluate what I was doing and what I wanted for my life going forth. Being hospitalised wasn’t on that list. I started thinking about the many reasons why I ended up in […]

Should Facebook block offensive videos before they post?

Right now, it’s quite safe to say Facebook is taking over the world. Just last week Monday, 1 billion people used the site. Clearly the social networking site is highly influential worldwide. For instance, last week a gunman shot and killed two television journalists while they were on air at a shopping mall in Monetta, Virginia, […]

Meet our Guest writers

Here at CRE8 we have an awesome group of peeps who are superstars in their own right. Every week we’ll be sharing some great pieces from our guest writers. Every week they’ll be delivering funny, insightful, powerful, thought-provoking articles which we hope will inspire you. Here’s a little more about our Guest Writers: Sandile Numa: […]

#IfAfricaWasaBar gets African Twitter excited

#IfAfricaWasaBar is a hashtag created by 22-year-old writer Siyanda Moutsiwa (@SiyandaPanda) that recently caused a stir in the Twittersphere. It all started when she asked this question and African Twitter went buck:   “Africans on social media are dying for opportunities to talk about Africa,” Moutsiwa told CNN. The hashtag, she said, provided “a safe space […]

Watch: Put Racism in its place Ad

The Ad industry holds a lot of power. On a daily basis, thousands of messages are shared across the world using this medium. Here’s an Ad from 15 years ago about putting racism in its place. Despite its age, the ad’s message remains relevant. According to www.psychologytoday.com: “The PSA was made by the Portuguese Commission […]

GRD attends MiCasa 34 Music Launch

GRD recently attended the launch of 34 Music – a new record label and recording studios by South African house group MiCasa. The evening was an intimate, relaxed affair, with entertainment provided by the award-winning soulful trio. Besides a mind-blowing acoustic set from the group, guests were also treated to exclusive goodie bags with gifts […]

Sneaker Addiction – why you’ll never get over it

Have you ever thought about Why you’ll never get over your Sneaker Addiction? Sneaker Addiction is real! So you just a new pair of sneakers huh? Looking fresh, feeling like you can walk air… we see you… What would happen if we asked you what made you feel good about getting this pair of sneakers? Have […]

My Present Post 4

During the course of this week, I’ve really come to notice a lot small agencies popping up, a lot of people realizing their potential and in the mist of the mundane 9-5 job routine have been able to spread their wings and taken the leap. In the same breath I’ve seen a lot graphic designers, […]