How A Police Sketch Artist Works

Forensic artist Jason Harvey has conducted interviews with countless crime victims to illustrate a suspect’s face, but the process always starts out the same. Tell me about the person’s face, Harvey asks them. “We keep it open and vague, let them talk and we listen,” he says of his job. “Work is a non-creative process. […]

Tiny House Meets Small Business with This Home Office Twist

One of the hottest new trends in real estate is making an impact on the business world. Entrepreneurs around the country are turning to tiny houses, or small shed-like structures to house their offices or business headquarters. Below are some of the companies currently offering these types of structures to homeowners and entrepreneurs, along with […]

Watch: TED Talk – 4 Lessons in Creativity – Julie Burstein

 4 Lessons in Creativity  This week we decided to share this TED Talk by Julie Burstein, in which she gives 4 Lessons in Creativity. Do you have your own Lessons to share? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter   “Radio host Julie Burstein talks with creative people for a living — and shares four […]

What makes an exceptional designer?

IN TODAY’S FIERCELY COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIMATE, BEING A GOOD DESIGNER ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. HERE’S HOW TO BE GREAT. According to FastCompany,these are the 3 Key Traits Of An Exceptional Designer: 1. Empathetic with a twist of business-savvy Traditionally, designers advocate for user experience, and product managers lobby for business requirements. Exceptional designers take an […]

Productivity habits of the most successful people

7 LONG-TERM PRODUCTIVITY HABITS OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE   Via Fast Company: One thing uniting the most high-power leaders with the lowest-level workers is time: Day in and day out, we all have the same amount of it. Where the variation comes in is how we use it. Some of the most successful people […]

Kicking Doors: Green Robot Design takes creative design to new heights

Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope breaks down boundaries, resets the rules, makes a difference, develops young people. It focuses on the billionaire generation, inspiring positive change. The show connects Africa to modern entrepreneurship. Episode 14 features Green Robot Design. Check out the full episode via CNBC Africa here: Green Robot Design is a new-age, youth-driven […]

How to turn your staff into a social media army

Employee advocacy programs; offering special Twitter training or basic social media training. These are all methods which can help business owners drive improved social media presence for their companies by encouraging their employees to get involved. This great article from Fast Company highlights various ways that you as a business owner can successfully turn your […]

Facebook going to give video makers a cut

Social networking site Facebook is going to start giving video makers a cut of profits made from video content shared on the site.   This, according to a report on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that his company’s platform is notching 8 billion video views daily, doubling the number it reported in April. […]

Twitter CEO gives part of company to employees

As a business owner, it’s no secret that the most important resource you can have is that of human resources. There are various ways you could try to improve productivity and get your staff more committed to the company’s success. But nothing is quite as convincing as giving your staff part ownership of the company […]

Getting the work balance right: How to juggle your business life and personal life

Earlier on this year I was admitted into hospital due to stress and anxiety; and after coming out of hospital I had to reevaluate what I was doing and what I wanted for my life going forth. Being hospitalised wasn’t on that list. I started thinking about the many reasons why I ended up in […]

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